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MHK Dispute Resolution Services

At MHK Dispute Resolution Services, we focus on families who come in contact with the law, while lending a caring ear and an extensive knowledge of Kansas domestic relation statutes to all of our clients. We provide the patience, skills, and experience necessary to help parents and children navigate through family structure changes, in and out of the courtroom. With a specific focus on mediation and dispute resolution, our goal is to deliver expedient, positive results by making your family our top priority.

We at MHK Dispute Resolution Services use our years of practical experience and skills to help our client’s families reach a fair and practical solution to emotionally complicated issues. While we always aim to keep families out of the courtroom, our attorney is equipped to handle both mediation and litigation. We know no two families are the same, and a changing family structure can lead to complex cases involving division of assets, child custody & support, parenting time, and much more.

Learn More About Our Areas of Practice


As skilled mediators and litigators MHK is with you every step of the way through this commonly stressful time.

Child Custody & Parent Time

At MHK Dispute Resolution, we help you focus on the child in child custody and parenting time disputes.

Child Support

MHK Dispute Resolution is here to help separated parents come to a consensus on how to support their child in the most fair and equitable way.


Our Mediator is a skilled third-party neutral advocate, assisting the parties in reaching an agreement. We pride ourselves on helping all parties come to that agreement with care, consideration, and efficiently.

Domestic Conciliation

Our Conciliator is ready to serve as a neutral third-party, enabling the involved parties to focus on the issues at hand and reaching a productive and caring resolution. This process is not confidential, and a judge often proceeds over various stages of the settlement.

Parenting Coordination

The Parental Coordinator at MHK DRS specifically assists parents with creating a parenting plan that is conducive to both the parents and in the best interest of the children involved.

Out of court solutions

As a family focused practice, we do our best to keep the stress litigation can cause out of our client’s  lives. That often means leading our clients towards other methods of settling domestic matters outside of the courtroom. Our Mediation, Conciliation, and Parenting Coordination services are designed to make us your family’s neutral third-party for domestic relations issues often compounded by emotion, assisting the parties in reaching an agreement. The three services are different in specific ways, like level of confidentiality, area of focus, time frame of the processes, and an appointed judge’s level of involvement. 

We are dedicated to helping families