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Child Support

We handle child support issues in Riley, Geary, Pottawatomie, Morris, Clay, Wabaunsee, Dickinson, and Marion Counties

Child support is calculated according to the Kansas Child Support Guidelines. You can find a copy of the current guidelines here: The Kansas Child Support Guidelines Advisory Committee oversees a review of the guidelines at least every four years. The child support calculation takes into consideration the income of each parent, work-related childcare costs, health insurance premiums paid on behalf of the child(ren), maintenance paid or received, age of the child(ren), and support of other children. When appropriate, the court can also consider whether there are long-distance parenting time costs, parenting time schedules, special needs of children, whether the children will be supported financially by a parent past the age of majority, and the overall financial condition of the parties. There is also an adjustment available for cost-of-living differences if the parents live in different states or countries.

Whether it is establishing a child support order or collecting based on an existing order, an attorney can help guide you through the sometimes complicated process of child support litigation.

Child Support FAQs

If I share time equally with my coparent does that mean neither of us have to pay child support? ​

Yes, section II.D. of the Kansas Child Support Guidelines expressly includes BAH and BAS as income for purposes of calculating child support.

Yes, VA compensation counts as income for purposes of calculating child support pursuant to section II.D. of the Kansas Child Support Guidelines.

In short, no. There are no tracking mechanisms in place to do this. There is good reason for that. If a parent receives child support and the money goes into a bank account with money from other sources, such as income from employment, it would be nearly impossible to track this. Child support can be used for housing the children, food, clothing, school expenses, health care, or any other needs the child(ren) may have.

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